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Just trying to get all the mannequins around my salon looking their best for wedding season!Pretty simple style, but people seem to be going nuts over it! 

Just trying to get all the mannequins around my salon looking their best for wedding season!
Pretty simple style, but people seem to be going nuts over it! 

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Anonymous asked: how much do you think the rainbow hair would cost


That depends! All stylists charge differently. Consultations are almost ALWAYS free though!

Anticipate having to pay for lightening if needed. More if you already have color, less if you’re already blonde and not over processed.

Some people charge per color, others by how long.

Get a consult, bring pictures and be more than willing to deal with a LOT of upkeep. Rainbow hair looks horrible after a months’ washing when not done right.

— 1 year ago
cativ asked: Love the pic of the dip dyed hair. Did you do this or do you know how? Or is this just a reblogged pic? I want to know if they bleached it or if the hair was light enough to just take on the tint of the color, and which color. Thanks


Stuff like this you’ll need to specify which photo! More often than not it’s a found picture. For a dip dye however, you’ll need VERY light (level9-10) blonde before adding color to the ends. Unless you don’t mind a darker color! You can try to do a tint by adding color to your conditioner and letting it sit for a while. I like to use Pravana and Paul Mitchell Inkworks for this, even manic panic would work. You could also ask your stylist to make you a custom conditioner!

— 1 year ago
Anonymous asked: Hey! I have super thin hair, and it feels like I can't do anything with it. I want to do cool things with it for school and stuff, but it's thin. Any suggestions?


Ask your stylist for texture without taking out density. It will give you internal layers to help it boost at the roots! Also look into a good dry shampoo, or powder based products that you sprinkle in at the root. All quick and easy ways to help it look a little more done up and full.

— 1 year ago
Anonymous asked: I am about to do my student teaching semester. I am a year younger than the other student teacher this fall. Right now my hair is to the middle of my back. And I just style it straight every day. Its medium brown with lots of vanilla blonde highlights. The problem is when I put my new professional teaching clothes on I look like a teenager playing dress up. I need to cut my hair in a way that doesn't look similar to the hair of a sixteen year old. I don't want it to short tho or old lady. I'm 21


This might be the only time I say consider a style with less layers! Take up a few inches but not past the collar bone. Consider longer face framing layers, no more than an inch of simple layers and longer side swept bangs if you want them. This still gives you the option to tie it back, curl, straighten and play. The rest is all confidence baby!

— 1 year ago
pitchpink-perfection asked: I dyed my hair ombre a month and a couple of days ago. Then redid my ombre 2 weeks ago. I'm a natural brunette, and doing ombre was my first time ever dying / bleaching my hair. One of my friends who did ombre tried dying brown over her ombre by herself at home, and it faded through the next time she washed her hair. I don't want too cut off my ombre cause i look bad with short hair. So if i go to the salon to get it professionally done could they do it where the brown doesn't fade through?


Yes. Your friend used a semi-permanent dye, or her hair was too porous to hold the color. Your stylist will determine if you need a filler to hold the color, or if simply a permanent color will do the job! Easy as pie!

— 1 year ago