Ask Scarlette a Question   Submit Your Do's!   I'm Jessica. I'm a 21 year old stylist at an Aveda concept salon in Seattle, Washington. This is where I post my work, the work of others, submissions, tutorials and inspiring do's.

Want me to do your hair? I work at Kismet Salon and Spa in the Madrona neighborhood of Seattle. Make appointments with me Tuesday through Saturday at 206.860.0323, and remember that I go by my real name, Jessica.

I still make house calls, so contact Jessica at for on site styling. Pricing is low, but based on a consultation.

I credit your photos, guaranteed. If I have not, the credit was not available, or just linked to some guys blog. And why would some guy deserve credit?

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Curl and fluff. Looks beautiful on shorter hair!

Curl and fluff. Looks beautiful on shorter hair!

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